An understanding of Success


I was in a flight on way back to Delhi today where I met a Junior of my PG days ( from a different domain , not Orthopaedics ). He is connected with me on Facebook as well.

So for good two hours we discussed many things. He , then pointed towards me and asked me that how it feels to be on the move all the time and meet different people and taking up so many task roles at one time. I didn’t discuss much with him at that time but once I sat in the car from the airport I started thinking of all previous ups and downs ( personal and professional both ) in life.

I never had that zeal of achieving and making it big in my school days may be because coming from a small town didn’t arouse much aspirations. But gradually after finishing my graduation I was all set to explore. Then with the utmost help and support from my family and many other people in my life , I broadened my vision and started looking towards the horizons.
Whatever it is today I will provide my understanding of the situation here.

An understanding of Success — 

Success is not just a destination. 
It is the sum total of all the hardships, inspiration and learning attained in course of achieving it.
Doing what we love is what gets us going. 
Success is just a mile away when we apply everyday goals into workable actions. 
We may not wake up to feel empowered every single day. 
There will be those inevitable hard or bad days when we need a little pep talk – a certain something to make us get up and mindlessly pursue what we love.




Dr. Tushar Mehta

An Orthopaedic Surgeon who is a blend of academic excellence and entrepreneurship with interest in all aspects of Bones and Joints. contach him at [email protected]

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  1. Oisharya Banerjee

    wonderful​ Sir…

  2. Lipika Soni

    Awesomely put into words sir.. You have always been inspiration to me.. And now as I start my journey into specialisation I just hope to keep the curious me live.. To me striving for excellence at the very task you do is success which you article too describes aptly 🙂
    Lipika Soni

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