What gets you to the Top !

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What gets you to the Top !

The essential 5 ‘C’s

What gets you to the Top !

In my life I have seen a good number of successful people around me. They have made it big in their respective professions. They had that element of winning streak in them. As a student of life I also tried to imbibe those qualities from them.

Courage - This one important trait gives you the rational belief of standing against all odds.

Conviction - If you don't believe you can't do. You have to convince yourself first before making it to others.

Character - Here I mean humbleness. One thing is for sure Success and Humbleness are symbiotic.

Commitment - Perseverance in what you are doing is the basic ingredient. You have to love what you are doing or learning to do.

Courtesy - After all we all are humans and this is the interpersonal trait which is inevitable component.

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