Values or Valuations !

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Values or Valuations !

An insight into the mind !

Values or Valuations --

Meet Mr X --

Mr X always wanted to make it big in life since childhood.

One reason was probably coming from a small town with limited availability of resources there like just one school which was supposed to be the temple of education for the entire city. Though Mr X never liked that school much since his cousins , who were living in big cities , were going to that so called ' Branded School ' though it never had given awesome results.

Mr X finished his high school and thereafter wanted to pursue Medicine but the options for further training for that in that city were limited. Even the school never had a glorious record producing doctors

Somehow Mr X managed and now was ready to explore the world coming out of a small shell. The fast pace life with so many people running along and ahead was now put to test for him. He got impressed by some , depressed by looking at some but was ready to walk atleast if not run.

Then he met two types of people , one who wanted to make it big with the Values and the other who were already big with Valuations.

He explored both of them and found that Valuations were necessary but Values were inevitable. The tussle of choosing either of them or both of them started.

Finally he could realise that both can't come together at the same time. He has to choose one.

After a lot of introspection he chose Values and believed in the fact that ethics and morals , whether on a professional basis or personal basis , are good but it's the inherent Values acquired by Nature and Nurture which take you to the front.

With this belief whatever He did that started added Valuations to whatever he did. As they say Even a barren land started giving gold after that.

It's not important to build million dollar business but rather more important to build a mutual trust and Value in whatever you do or are learning to do.

And as they say then ---

Your deeds come your own way before you die.


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