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  • Bado’s Classification of Monteggia’s Fracture

    Classification Type I: Anteriorly angulated fracture of the ulna associated with an anterior dislocation of the radial head Type II: Posteriorly angulated fracture of the ulnar diaphysis associated with a posterior dislocation of the radial head Type III: Fracture of the ulnar metaphysis associated with a lateral or anterolateral dislocation of the radial head Type…

  • Monteggia’s Fracture Dislocation 

    Monteggia fracture-dislocations consist of a fracture of the proximal one third of ulnar shaft with concomitant dislocation of the radial head.  Posterior Interosseous Nerve ( PIN ) is usually associated with this fracture which recovers in majority of the cases with passage of time.  #tusharmehta #MedEd