Rockwood's Classification of Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries

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Rockwood's Classification of Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries

Rockwood's Classification ( Type I - Type VII )

Rockwood Classification : ( AC : Acromioclavicular ) ( CC : Coracoclavicular )

Type I : Sprain of the AC Ligament

Normal Xrays

Type II : AC Ligament tear , CC Ligament Sprain

Xray shows widening of AC Joint ( Normal AC Joint distance is 1-3 mm ) + Intact CC

Type III : AC and CC Ligament Torn

Xray shows loss of AC Joint relationship and increased CC distance in stress view

Type IV : Type III + Distal Clavicle displaced posteriorly into or through trapezius

Type V : Type III + Distal Clavicle grossly displaced superiorly

Type VI : AC Dislocation + Distal Clavicle displaced inferior to the acromion or the coracoid

Type VII : Complete dislocation of AC & Sternoclavicular Joints. Basically it is severe form of
a type IV , with a posterior clavicle dislocation.

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