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  • Approach to Case of Developmental Dysplasia of HIP

    Teaching Points :  — > This is an AP pelvic radiograph showing a dislocated left hip and dysplastic acetabulum. — Shenton’s line is broken and the femoral head lies lateral and superior to the inferiomedial quadrant (made by the intersection of Perkin’s and Hilgenreiner’s lines). –> How would you proceed in you management from here? ** I would…

  • Crushing Injury to Nail

    This is a Crushing Injury to the Fingertip injuring the Nail Tip and Bed. A relevant history is required including: handedness; occupation; mechanism of injury; and co-morbidities. After History we should provide tetanus prophylaxis (if indicated) and antiseptic (betadine) dressing. Then we should obtain radiographs to exclude an underlying fracture. As defnitive management, I would…

  • Dupuytren’s Contracture

    Dupuytren’s Contracture — — It’s a proliferative proliferation of Palmar Tissue and fascia along with palmo digital extension. This results in formation of modules and cords which further develop in secondary flexion deformities of fingers. — Male : Female = 10:1 — Risk Factors = Diabetes , Alcohol , Epilepsy , Liver Disease , cigarette…


    dGEMRIC (delayed gadolinium-enhanced MRI for cartilage) and T2-mapping are evolving techniques to evaluate cartilage defects and repair. #tusharmehta #OrthopaedicsPlus

  • Adamantinoma

      #MedEd Adamantinoma is a rare malignant bone tumor with a propensity for late metastasis. It has a high incidence of local recurrence unless resected with a wide margin. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are not helpful in the treatment of this disease. Amputation generally is not necessary because a diaphyseal resection is usually possible

  • AIIMS Nov. 2017 De-Coded !

    Ossification Centres of Carpal Bones : Capitate: 1-3 months Hamate:  2-4 months Triquetrum: 2-3 years Lunate: 2-4 years Scaphoid: 4-6 years Trapezium: 4-6 years Trapezoid: 4-6 years Pisiform: 8-12 years Capitate is the first one and Pisiform is the last one to ossify. Ball & Socket Joints : (Mnemonic –> THIS)  T –> TaloCalcaneoNavicular Joint…

  • Pellegrini Steida Disease

    Avulsion fracture of the medial distal femur at the origin of the medial collateral ligament is known as a Stieda fracture and may later develop into a Pelligrini-Stieda lesion.

  • Bado’s Classification of Monteggia’s Fracture

    Classification Type I: Anteriorly angulated fracture of the ulna associated with an anterior dislocation of the radial head Type II: Posteriorly angulated fracture of the ulnar diaphysis associated with a posterior dislocation of the radial head Type III: Fracture of the ulnar metaphysis associated with a lateral or anterolateral dislocation of the radial head Type…

  • Feet meant for Shoes !

    Interdigital Neuroma –> The only proven risk factor for development of an interdigital neuroma is female gender, which likely is related to the use of fashionable shoes that force plantar flexion of the metatarsal heads and secondary hyperdorsiflexion of the metatarsophalangeal joints.