Bounce Home Test

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Bounce Home Test

MCQ from Clinical Examination of the KNEE

In ‘ Bounce Home ’ test of  knee joint ‘end feels’ are all  except :

  1. Firm
  2. Spongy
  3. Empty
  4. Bony

First of all let’s understand what is “Bounce Home Test” :

  1. IndicationsEvaluation for KneeMeniscus Injury
  2. Technique : Patient lies supine with legs extended

Examiner holds ankle slightly elevated over table

Examiner holds knee slightly flexed with other hand

Examiner releases hold on knee

Allows knee to fall passively into extension

  1. Interpretation: Positive Test suggests meniscal tear

Knee Pain when knee falls into extension

The end feel after this test is performed is usually rubbery/spongy/firm due to tear

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