Penalty kicks are very close and similar to life.

Someone else commits a foul and two people are put under pressure. One is the goal keeper who is left trying to block the goal , paying for another’s folly. The other one is the striker who will be taking the penalty kick who knows that he is expected to score. The irony is if he does , no big deal. If he doesn’t , God help him !

Why I mentioned this is because recently on one of the social media groups , I came across a post where a Medical student aspiring for higher education and preparing hard for it , mentioned his grievance of coming to medical profession. Probably he didn’t want to ( that’s the best I can say right now ) and he must have been forced or pursued by elderly at home.

This is like Penalty kick only where someone else took decision for someone else. The one who took the decision committed a folly and subjected the others to pressure.

But what if you are under Pressure ? What do you think the most under pressure ? The cause of the pressure , of course. The shortcoming , the failures

If I will face a challenge of crossing a narrow bridge the only thing coming to my mind will be what of I fall ? But if I learn to change my perspective under pressure , this would help me take the mind away from the problem. That will make it seem almost trivial and I will be able to perform to the best of abilities.

Off late , I have seen emotionally and mentally defiant people who at times give up and start thinking about the problems too much and then they start seeing the problems growing bigger and bigger. If they start believing in their strengths , I would like to promise them that they will also seem to get magnified too. As always the choice lies in our hand. So choose carefully whether to believe in one self or just blame the present and surrounding for some lame wishful thinking !