Orthopaedics as a branch ! Pros and cons !

Frequently asked questions !

Q: How much is the stress level in this branch ( during residency and after that )

– Any branch if clinical has got stress level during residency but after that when you enter SR ship or private practice it all depends upon you how much you want to take it.

Q: How much is the muscle power and stamina involved in it ?

– It’s all a myth that this branch is all for people with muscle power etc etc. You need to have stamina ( which I feel comes with passion and zeal ) to be good in any clinical branch during PG. Your fire to stay awake in 24 hour duties and even during tough times is going to light you in your future years. You know as they say ‘ The more you sweat out during the PG ship , the less you bleed in your clinical practice ‘

Q: Am I going to have my personal life sane with this tough life of Orthopaedics residency ?

– Well that depends with whom you are seeing your personal life with. If you are referring to your parents , believe they will be more than happy NOT to receive your phone calls since they wish to believe that you are in OT doing some super human stuff. If it’s about someone special , I am sure he / she would understand and if he / she doesn’t , it’s the time to think about him / her rather than the branch. The branch thing is fine , I promise.


Q: How do I compare it with other branches like Medicine / Surgery / Radiology ?

– Believe me there is lots to do if you are confused between Orthopaedics and Radiology or Medicine. These are altogether two separate things and you know that you can’t compare apples with oranges.
But yes if you compare Orthopaedics to Surgery I can give you an analysis in next question.

Q: I like Surgery but I don’t want to prepare further for Mch in Surgery . Can I take Orthopaedics ?

– If you have always liked General Surgery and now getting afraid of the MCh thing three years later , that’s not a legit thing to do. We can’t run away from our dream thinking about a fear which is going to happen three years later. Having said that you should be aware of this fact as well – MS Gen Surgery has to be supplemented with super speciality for sure and that means another one year of prep after MS and another three years of MCh. Personally that’s a lot to me to do but it’s your call.

Q: Is orthopaedics an end branch ? I mean do we really need to study after MS / DNB ?

– It’s kind of an end branch where after three years , you are supposed to do an SR ship for 2-3 years in which you make up your mind whether you wish to pursue fellowship in spine / joints / arthroscopy / oncology.
So technically it’s not a study study after three years but yes you have to be looped into some sort of observership / fellowship.

Q: How easy is to get Fellowship after MS / DNB ?

– It will be easier than getting a rank to get where you are right now. If you have a rank to take up MS / DNB Orthopaedics , you can get a fellowship as well. It will take some time , patience and some connections as well 😉

Q: I can do nothing other than Orthopaedics but my rank is not getting me MS. Is DNB worth it ?

– In DNB , the institute matters the most. Unfortunately most of the DNB institutes don’t have a sufficient academic programme to fulfil the standards. You get heartbroken when you take admissions into these places and that too coming from a MBBS in a govt college where you have seen PG’s doing ample trauma. So it’s actually a call between what you have and what you want. You have to either adjust to it thinking about how you will make up for it in SR ship or just leave it away to prepare further and that adds more agony to it.
Think 1000 times before joining DNB but don’t think once after you do. ( This applies to tier 2/3 DNB places )

Q: How about comparing Diploma to DNB ?

– No diploma is complete without DNB. That means 2 years of diploma and then prep for PD CET and then another two years of DNB. I will suggest you invest that 4-5 years into DNB anywhere and then one year of rigorous SR ship in a govt institute.



Q: Is orthopaedics a branch for females ?

– Always , I have seen more than 20 female Ortho surgeons and they are excellent in all skills. Right from being HOD to director of medical colleges to heading a Dept in a corporate hospital in metro city they are the fairer and stronger sex as we know and doing all what’s possible. It’s all a taboo mainly in North India that males don’t do OBGY and females should not take up Ortho. It’s all up to you and you can excel of course facing some minor issues during the PG ship.

Please note – These are some of the questions that I receive in my inbox / mailbox / WhatsApp. The answers are in sync with my personal opinion to my understanding of this branch.

May the good decision prevail and you get everything you wish for. Best wishes 😀

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