Crushing Injury to Nail

This is a Crushing Injury to the Fingertip injuring the Nail Tip and Bed. A relevant history is required including: handedness; occupation; mechanism of injury; and co-morbidities. After History we should provide tetanus prophylaxis (if indicated) and antiseptic (betadine) dressing. Then we should obtain radiographs to exclude an underlying fracture. As defnitive management, I would […]

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Dupuytren’s Contracture — — It’s a proliferative proliferation of Palmar Tissue and fascia along with palmo digital extension. This results in formation of modules and cords which further develop in secondary flexion deformities of fingers. — Male : Female = 10:1 — Risk Factors = Diabetes , Alcohol , Epilepsy , Liver Disease , cigarette […]